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Promotion of Renewable Energy

Contributing towards Sustainable Development Goal (SGD) 7, Shramik Bharti is committed to ensure access to clean, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions, such as solar energy, to deprived communities.

Renewable Energy is vital to achieve sustainable growth and avoid cataclysmic climate change.Solar energy has a special role to play in improving access to cleaner energy in remote areas. The positive potential of Solar Energy is not only in its availability, but it also assumes great significance against a background of addressing poverty reduction, environmental concerns, livelihood issues and the overall quality of life.

With this understanding Shramik Bharti is engaged in promotion of renewable energy with its group organization Shramik Bharti Foundation that excels in training, installationand repair &maintenance of solar equipment.

Initiatives in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab

Solar systems are uniquely placed to run Agro Processing units of Farmer Producer Organizations in Fatehpur and Kanpur districts of Uttar Pradesh, Community Radio Station in Kanpur Dehat, a Library, and a school in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand.

Our Renewable Energy bouquet has impacted the lives of more than 20000+ people, particularly women and children in rural Uttar Pradesh and Punjab by enhancing their access to clean light and fuel for domestic, education, farm, and business activities.

Shramik Bharti is also promoting Solar Irrigation Pumps and has installed 10 pumps in villages of Punjab. Also, villages of Uttar Pradesh & Punjab are lit with installation of 353 solar street lights.

2550rural households in Uttar Pradesh & Punjab supported with Smokeless Cookstovesand 3675 rural marginalized households in Uttar Pradesh provided with Solar Home Lighting Systems.

In Partnership with IIT Kanpur, DakshinanchalVidhyutVitran Nigam (DVVN) and Shramik Bharti Foundation, We are facilitating a project to electrify 2 villages in Harnu Panchayat of Shivrajpur Block in Kanpur Nagar. We have installed 100 KW Solar system and 100 cubic meter Bio Gas Plant to generate electricity. Six Solar Irrigation Pumps are also installed here benefiting small & marginal farmers.
We organize Green Skill Trainings for youths to enhance youth’s employability in clean energy sector and ensuring availability of local technicians to maintain and repair solar products for smooth and effective adoption of clean energy among masses.These trainings are organized in partnership with TERI and Shramik Bharti Foundation.

Sustainable living with equal opportunities for all