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About Us

Shramik Bharti is a not-for-profit, grassroots development organization working dedicatedly and in myriad dimensions to bring “Sustainable Development with equal opportunities for all” in the communities of North India.

Our three decade-long efforts impact lives to enhance the choices of over a million people. We are committed to a human development approach that enlarges people’s choices by improving their understanding of sustainable living and assisting to enhance their capabilities.


Building Relationship

The early years of our existence were dedicated to learning the needs of the marginalized communities and identifying the context of Kanpur and the gaps in our society. Working with people, we enhanced our understanding of the priorities of the community from their perspective and undertook interventions to gain their trust and support. Gaining experience at the grassroots for strategizing larger interventions gained priority over other issues for the organisation.


Building Community Organisation

The formative years for Shramik Bharti saw us streamlining the organisation for resources and for implementation of our interventions with the community. Realizing that potency of Self Help Groups (SHG) was emerging as an empowering option for poverty eradication and community participation, we undertook an initiative for the formation of SHG’s as one of our core activities. In addition to the rural areas, Shramik Bharti undertook SHG formation in Kanpur slums to facilitate other interventions of the programme. Health and Hygiene started emerging as one the core needs of our communities and subsequently, Sanitation gained importance in our interventions. With these perspectives, Shramik Bharti undertook creation of sanitation infrastructure and introducing health care practices in our operational areas.

1994- 2002

Gaining Momentum

Building strong models of community development in urban and rural areas, Shramik Bharti realized the need for dissemination of learning of these interventions to initiate a wider change process – of information-sharing and networking. Demonstrating the cost-effective approaches of people empowerment and creating a network for catalyzing the impact created at grass root level gained importance in our activities. The SHG formation led to Shramik Bharti undertaking micro-lending and the organisation emerging as one of the strongest Microfinance Institutions in the region. The partnerships with support organisations developed out of needs and requirements of the community. Accordingly, Wasteland Reclamation with focus on livelihood generation and enterprise development were integrated into programme focus. Home-based Life saving skills for safe motherhood was designed as a part of Action-Research project funded by INTRAH-PRIME.


Till Now

When the persistent efforts started positive transformations, Shramik Bharti renewed its sense of purpose with determination to enriching lives in all spheres of existence. With a keen sense of community-inclusion and participation, we enhanced our micro-credit programs that were proliferating into avenues of economic development as well social empowerment. The Self-Help groups organized into federations as Umbrella Organisation that gained recognition from national agencies such NABARD, SIDBI, HUDCO who furthered the cause with allied credit activities. Along with economic initiatives, Shramik Bharti promotes the democratic discourse and community engagement through Community Radio Waqt ki Awaaz.

Giving a potent voice and medium or Vox Populi continues to increase the awareness of individual rights, address local social issues, popularize the local art and culture on the radio frequency of 91.2 FM. Since inception, we have been advocating for the critical resources of water and land that are essential for the agrarian communities. Shramik Bharti is involved in efforts of sustainable agriculture by promoting Nature Farming, preservation of local seeds, food security and eco-conscious approach to the production of food. Our Water and Sanitation programs have been geared towards community sensitization, mobilization, and education that impact the most vulnerable sections of society. During this period, renewable and clean energy emerged as a need and our endeavours towards this sphere shaped itself to the needs of our time.