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Community Led Health Initiatives

HIV Prevention Program Among Injectable Drug Users(IDUs)

Ending the HIV epidemic by 2030 is undoubtedly a noble endeavour, and is the aim put forward by the UN in SDG 3.3. India has expressed its commitment to achieve the same.
Shramik Bharti’s HIV Prevention interventionis focusing on 700 Injectable Drug Users (IDUs) in Kanpur using a Peer educator’s approach to reduce negative impact of Drug Use and Drug Related Activities on individuals and communities.

Health Camps are organized and information, means and skills needed to prevent HIV transmission is provided to IDUs, their spouse and family. Efforts are done to improve their access to care, support and treatment services.

Community Grain Bank

Small and Marginal farmers and agricultural laborers in our villages face shortage of food grains sometime during the year. It happens when the rates of food grains in the market are higher and there is no money in hands to purchase. They borrow food grains from bigger farmers and return them at the time of harvest but they are bound to harvest their fields first and at a lower wages.

Shramik Bharti provided a simple yet effective solution to this problem in the form of Community Grain Bank which women in village can easily manage.

Today, there are 140 community grain banks ensuring the food security of more than 6,000 small and marginal farming families and agriculture labourers in Uttar Pradesh, thus influencing the lives of more than 30,000 people.

These Grain Banks are fully community managed and self-sustainable.50 household of a village form a group and contribute 2 Kg. Wheat or Rice per household for setting up the Community Grain Bank in their Village. 4 quintal grainand a storage tank is provided by the Organization.Any member family can approach Community Grain Bank in case of need and borrow up to 1 quintal of grain and return in-kind adding 25% at the time of harvest.

Though started with storing wheat, the Community Grain Banks now have rice, pulses and oil seeds in its kitty, too, to serve their communities in a more comprehensive manner.

During COVID 19 Crisis this simple, community owned and managed solution ensured that no family sleeps without food. The villagers also took care of the influx of their relatives who came back to the village as returnee migrants. They continued providing food supplies to these familieswithout expecting any return of the grain.

Health Camp

Of all the forms of injustice, inequality in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane. — Martin Luther King.

Getting the proper health facilities is vital for all human being. But rural poor in India do not have access to basic health care facilities. Awareness and diagnosis at an early stage of diseases can be lifesaving.

Thus, with the aim of providing initial health care to poor communities Shramik Bharti organizes Health Camps among underserved communities. These Camps provide facilities of Eye Check Up, General Health Check-up to mainly Women, children, and elderly people by team of Medical Experts.

For treatment of cases of cataract, we collaborate with renowned Eye Hospital for supporting communities to avail free cataract surgery.

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