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Community Based Organization

Shramik Bharti has been empowering women by organizing them under Self Help Groups and SHG Federations
7 SHG Federations that evolved over the years, have contributed significantly in sustainability of thousands of Women Self Help Groups by capacity building of their leaders, members and ensuring good governance practices in operation & management of groups

Boond Bachat Sangh, Kulgaon

Established in the year 2002, Boond Bachat Sangh, Kulgaon holds the pride of being the first federation, promoted by Shramik Bharti and it deeply embraces the idea of women empowerment through microfinance activities.
This SHG Federation is supporting the activities of 251 SHGs and its 4,382 women members from urban slums in Kanpur.

Beyond the realm of traditional financial assistance, we have ventured into diverse development programs. Our initiatives encompass raising awareness, offering skill-enhancing training, and pioneering sustainable practices. We remain dedicated to uplifting the entire community.

Ekta Mahila Samiti

This samiti was formed in the year 2008 by organizing women from small and marginal farming families in Shivrajpur block of Kanpur Nagar district. Today, there are 121 SHGs comprising 1547 women as its members.

Along with credit and thrift activities, federation embraces the idea of producing safe food for its members and consumers as well and it is engaged in promotion of natural farming through its group organization “Ekta Nature Farming Producer Company Limited”.

Jagriti Mahila Samiti

Since 2007Jagriti Mahila Samiti is working among rural women in Maitha Block of Kanpur Dehat. The federation comprises 1334 women members from 113self-help groups.

There are 13 Community Grain Banks are being managed by Self Help Groups associated with Jagriti Mahila Samiti.

Samriddhi Mahila Samiti

In the year 2019, women self -help groups in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh federated themselves as Samriddhii Mahila Samiti.

Presently Samiti has 50 groups having 670 women members. The loans from their savings have helped group members in meeting their various household needs that include but not limited to education of children, marriage, treatment of illness, construction/repairing of house and repayment of loan to money lenders et cetera.

Shaurya Mahila Samiti

Woman Self Help Groups of Bhadohi district formed Shaurya Mahila Samitiin the year 2019. There are 83 SHGs having 1075 women members belonging to small and marginal farming families.

Prerana Mahila Sanstha

In Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh woman Self Help Groups organized themselves under Prerana Mahila Sanstha. This Federation has 50 Self Help Groups comprising 610 women members.
The federation is promoting the idea of “Gram Sangthan”, along with credit and thrift activities, tocreate a system of social support among village communities.