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Prerna Mahila Samiti

We are living in exciting times, indeed. What started out as an initiative in early 1980s towards savings and borrowings with small affinity groups of underprivileged women of neighbourhood is now taking shape of Community-based Organizations.

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Shramik Bharti was set-up in 1986 as relief voluntary agency in the wake of closure of mills and factories was now involved in economic upliftment with the consistent investment in community capacity building and guiding them in managing their affairs has played a crucial role and created leaders and empowered women. They are now moving beyond thrift & credit to other interventions for development in their communities.

Shramik Bharti has over the course of three decades promoted 1323 Self-Help Groups that comprises of over 21,858 members. These Self-Help Groups have organised themselves into 7 self-managed and self-sustained federations. They represent the immense potential of the community besides creating social capital that creates financial stability and sense of ownership and participation in community work.

Prerna Mahila Samiti is an urban federation which is an umbrella community organization. Neighbourhood groups of eastern part of the Kanpur city have organized themselves into the self-sustained institution in the year 2010. Evolving with the times in addition to microfinance activities, Prerna Mahila Samiti is actively involved in creating awareness on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene issues in local communities for awareness and service improvement. They also organize free health check-up camps, dental check-up camps with the support of hospitals & Medical College for people living in the fringes of the city.