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Household Soak Pit

How a simple technique of managing waste water is being adopted & replicated by Punjab Government

Household wastewater is a major cause of the unsanitary condition in villages leading to many diseases and illnesses. It is also a reason for many conflicts among neighbours. Considering the gravity of the menace caused by household waste water, Shramik Bharti with the support of HDFC Bank introduced the Household wastewater soak pits in the project villages of Punjab.

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Arjun Singh and his family, comprising his wife and one son, live in Kaler Mangat village of Amritsar. His family uses open kachcha space for bathing and washing. They had to face a great problem in washing clothes and her wife had to go out for washing clothes. It takes lots of time and her energy. Most of the households in the village were found to have similar wastewater problem. With the project support, a household Waste Water Soak pit was constructed in Arjun’s house.

A great relief to entire family and largely to Arjun’s wife as now she doesn’t have to go out for washing clothes and no slush around at home. Like Arjun, 224 households in project villages of Punjab have got rid of stinking water through constructing household wastewater soak pit through the support of HDFC Bank.

“Household Soakpits have been proved effective in dealing with wastewater menace and at the same time recharging the groundwater @ 400-liter water/day/HH soak pit thus contributing in groundwater recharge by 32704 cubic meters per year.” And in the years to come, we can also foresee its impact as improved health and of course the livelihood of these families owing to reduced expenditure on illness. “This small yet effective initiative of Shramik Bharti & HDFC Bank is highly acclaimed by the government of Punjab and they have adopted this simple technology and issued orders to replicate this model to manage wastewater menace by constructing around 14,000 soak pits in 700 villages of Ferozepur district of Punjab.”