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Relief, Rebuilding and Educating Community

Covid 19 Response

COVID 19 pandemic has affected thousands of lives globally. The sudden announcement of lockdown on March 2020halted all activities. Unexpectedly Life was stopped for 130 crores people of India.

There were deep pain, sorrow, desperateness, cries and darkness all around. People lost jobs, lives of their loved ones and hope to survive.

In this devastating time, Shramik Bharti warriors-our team members took the baton of educating and supporting the communities to fight COVID 19 Pandemic, both in urban and rural parts of Uttar Pradesh and in 12 villages of Firozpur, Amritsar and Tarantaran districts of Punjab.

Our Efforts helped to improve the awareness about Covid Appropriate Behavior (CAB) among communities, ensured food security of marginalized people by providing Dry Ration Kits and training and support in developing Organic Multilayer Kitchen Gardens for sustainable food security and helped people in rebuilding their lives and livelihood by cash relief et cetera.

  • Dry Ration Kit Support- 3528 Dry Ration Kits were provided to the most marginalized households in Uttar Pradesh & Punjab.
  • Unconditional Cash Relief up to Rs. 5,000 to 200 families of Migrants, widow, single women whose livelihood got suffered due to COVID 19
  • Developing Multilayer Organic Kitchen Garden as means of sustainable food security and livelihood- 1420 small and marginal farming families and landless families Supported with bamboo, wire, seed kits and natural farming skill training by expert.
  • Developing Community Storage, Cleaning & Grading Facilities- 255 small and marginal Farming families in 5 villages of Shivrajpur block of Kanpur Nagar, Uttar Pradesh supported to stock their mustard as market was closed due to pandemic and prices were very low. The improved storage facility helped these farmers to realize better price of their mustard crop.
  • Community Grain Banks helped to feed migrants and their families during this hard hitting time.
  • Community Education & Awareness
  • The leaders of Self Help Groups and volunteers were oriented about COVID-19 pandemic and trained in organizing SHG meetings taking all preventive measures such as maintaining social distance, hand hygiene during handling currency and proper use of masks.
  • Community leaders, Panchayat leaders and SHG members were oriented about Government guidelines and preventive measures to protect community from COVID-19.
  • There were returnee migrants in intervention villages of Shramik Bharti. So we worked with Panchayat and frontline health workers to manage this situation properly at village level such as proper quarantine facility, availability of food to the families of migrants, sensitizing community to ensure that migrants get proper care and compassion by the community and may not get treated as carriers of corona virus. The details of migrants were also captured for support and skill mapping.
  • Medicine Kits -1090
  • Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, Mask and Sanitizer for 10 Anganwadi Workers
  • Wages/Raw material Support to Women artisans- 120 Woman Artisans in Punjab
  • Livelihood restoration support of Rs. 10000 to 30 Families in villages of Kanpur Nagar & Kapur Dehat (IDS)
  • Cash support (Rs. 5000- 10000) for Livelihood Restoration to 20 individuals in Kanpur city, Bhadohi, Chandauli and Fatehpur districts
  • Shramik Bharti got engaged with COVID Resource Groups comprising voluntary organizations, Responsible citizens, and Techie youths in Lucknow and Kanpur districts of Uttar Pradesh. These platforms helped COVID affected people and their families to get oxygen cylinders, medicine, hospital beds, Plasma, food, access to corona volunteers and various relevant information through use of technology such as whatsapp, Instagram and Google Directory to provide hands on COVID Related information and services.

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