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Testimonial of IAS Geeta Yadav

Daughter of a Self Help Group Member became IAS

I am Geeta Yadav. I live in Virat Nagar. After 2 years of my marriage I had no issues so my husband started torturing me. In third year we had a boy and things improved for a while. Then I had 3 daughters in a row. He then started torturing me a lot. I decided to educate my girls however I was educated only up to 5th standard. My husband was not sharing much expense. In 2000 I came to know about family planning project of Shramik Bharti.

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I started volunteering in the project. The trainings by Shramik Bharti strengthened my confidence and gave me a lot of knowledge. I started counselling couples on family planning in the communities. I started getting an honorarium of Rs. 500 per month. Additionally I started doing odd jobs like sewing, weaving cots etc. to earn some additional income for my family. I saw self-help group program in Shramik Bharti in some communities and demanded to form a group in my community. In 2003, Boond Bachat Sangathan, Virat Nagar – 5 was made. I joined the group and started saving.
After some time I borrowed from the group and constructed my house and started bearing expenses of education of my children. thMy elder daughter Pooja completed 12th and wanted to try for engineering. My husband was just not interested in educating girls beyond 12th standard. I borrowed from the group and paid for her coaching expenses. She cleared the entrance exam, studied B.Tech. My group continuously supported me during her course. After B.Tech, she decided to appear for IAS. Despite financial crisis, I supported her for the coaching expenses taking loan from the group. In the first attempt, she cleared IAS in 2014. I am very happy now. Educating our children is most important work. If we miss this, how will we make a good family, society and nation?